Submission Guidelines

Your script can be on absolutely any subject at all. If you want to write it, we want to read it.
Here are just a few things to read over before you send it to us.

  • Please bear in mind the fringe nature of the venue and performance when writing any technical, set or props requirements as we may not be able to accommodate everything. But we do have some fantastically creative directors who can get around most problems so don’t let this hold back your creativity.
  • You can have as many characters as you want.
  • Please no scripts longer than twenty minutes (approx twenty pages). This may vary by event, please check in case a different length was listed on the event call out.
  • The script must never have had a fully staged performance before. If you’ve had a previous reading or any development work that’s ok, but please let us know when you send it.
  • Please send your script as a Word doc or, preferably, as a pdf file.
  • Your script must be written for the stage, we cannot accept screenplays. But as long as it’s for the stage it can take any form you like; monologues, two-handers, ensemble pieces – whatever you want.
  • As we’re dedicated to new writing, we can’t accept adaptations of existing texts.
  • We cannot accept devised pieces.
  • It’s very important to us that we can work with you to try and make your script as good as possible, so please only send us something if you’re happy to work with the director and actors to edit and refine the piece before performance.
  • As we are committed to working directly with our writers during the rehearsal process, we can only accept submissions from writers who either live in London, or would be willing to travel into London at least 3 times during the process. We believe this direct interaction achieves the best performance possible and we want what is best for your script! Unfortunately we cannot accept submissions from outside of the UK.
  • We can only accept full scripts, not just a synopsis. An extract from a larger work is fine as long as it works on its own.
  • We can only consider one script per writer for each round of submissions.

Send your scripts to

We are very grateful for all the scripts we receive and we do read every single one. However, we are a small, not-for-profit company so it may not always be possible for us to get back to everyone and we can’t offer feedback on individual pieces. If we like your piece, you’ll hear from us.

Thanks so much for sending us your play and good luck!