What people say

We gather audience feedback to help our writers develop and then we get writer feedback to make sure we’re doing our job! See what our audience and writers have to say.

The audience feedback we collect at our nights helps our writers to continue to progress their script beyond its first performance. Here are just some of the reactions to recent plays.

“original, unpredictable, and moving”
Not Forgetting Us by Kayleigh Kavanagh

“This unfolded in absolutely perfect manner. This was an incredible play, superbly written. Directed to absolute perfection, I can’t even begin to say how much I enjoyed this!”
Out the Back by James Aden

“very individual, entertaining and continuously engaging”
Textual Relationship by Tom Glover

“brilliantly written and performed. Very emotional. Great detail”
Valentine by Keziah Warner

We love working with writers and aim to help them to develop their scripts and skills as much as we can. Here’s what some of our writers say about us.

Sarah Kosar
Descent helped me realize my characters and the potential in not only my writing, but in myself! They are a company that I hope I can continue to collaborate and grow with throughout my writing career.
I believe collaboration is the key to theatre, and without it, potential for exhilarating art is lost. Descent are exciting, challenging, and collaborative. They found fire and depth within my writing that I didn’t even know was there. Without their insight to develop and workshop these elements in rehearsal, I don’t think my play would have been brought to life in such a clever and artful way.
Descent was supportive through the entire process of the production of my play, and most of all fun to work with!
Descent is a theatre company that I believe will continue to grow, develop and find the best new writing there is in the UK! I am honoured to have worked with Descent and urge any new writer to do so as well.
Sarah’s play Hot Dog premiered at The Last Refuge on 12 March 2013.

Kayleigh Kavanagh
My experience working with Descent was brilliant. From start to finish they were helpful, instructive and positive. It was a genuine privilege to have had this opportunity with them.
I had a lot of correspondence with Keziah [Warner, Literary Manager] about my work, from my fist submission to several drafts and ideas which followed. She was amazing in pointing out where I could expand, edit and develop my work. Her input was crucial in me realising the potential of my play, encouraging and advising me to delve further into my work. Her influence allowed me to do such things as include a deeper back story to my characters, without losing the integrity of the world I had initially created. Something I was hesitant to do beforehand, but which benefitted the overall outcome substantially.
The audience feedback was a great tool, seeing how different people responded to the play and their considerations for future developments was lovely and has already sparked additions to the next phase of my work.
Descent enabled me to develop my play into something I could be proud of, as well as giving me the skills and confidence to continue redeveloping my work. I hope to work with them again in the future as this has been a wonderful experience.
Kayleigh’s play Not Forgetting Us premiered at Rich Mix on 5th April 2013.

Chris Truscott
Working with Descent helped me grow as a writer and learn more about the transition from page to stage. It was a truely collaborative process, and incredibly satisfying seeing my work performed by brilliant actors and brought to life by a superb director. It was an electric evening full of great quality performances. I was proud to be a part of it.
Chris’s play The 9:15 premiered at Rich Mix on 22nd September 2012.