Descent Promenade Shorts

1st March | Vault Festival | 

The Roof  by Jessica McKenna | Directed by Jon Barton
Hospitals afford us with an overwhelming sense of our own mortality, but there’s nothing a spot of fresh air and a conflab with the person that knows us best can’t sort out. Will Charlie’s escape onto the roof of the hospital, as his mum’s life hangs in the balance, help him see perspective?

Dis/Connect by Tanaka Mhishi | Directed by Martin Leonard
In our society of email, text, tweet and Snapchat, Tanaka Mhishi takes a look out how we can make connections and form new friendships in the old-fashioned way.
Everything Happens At The Starlight Lounge by Ben Francis | Directed by Jennifer Bakst
Ben Francis creates a world where Reality TV has gone as far as televising regular people playing at space travel. But as Judith watches her favourite astronauts on the TV, which reality ultimately offers the most rewards?Hole by Duncan Gates | Directed by Michael Beigel
Is friendly rivalry between school chums ever as harmless as it seems? Duncan Gates invites you to join Andre and Leon on their school trip: a caving experience like no other…



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