Scandinavia – A Rehearsed Reading

Written by Keziah Warner | Directed by Faye Merralls

JeannieHelen Booth
Andy – Nigel Boyle

Set in a suburb north of Birmingham, Scandinavia interweaves the lives of six individuals trapped in small town syndrome.
Rob, Ella and Rachel all want more: Rob’s quit teaching to write his novel; Ella is struggling to connect with her husband and Rachel is moving to Sweden. Only change will satisfy.
Meanwhile Tom is happy with Sunday football, Andy has a marriage and a girlfriend, and Jeannie’s birthday is coming up. What more could they want?
A tale of blind contentment versus irrational dissatisfaction; who you are may drive you mad, but denying it could make you explode.

In a Britain of struggling financials, scarce opportunities and ambivalent politics, are those who are happy to settle for less, ultimately richer than those who persistently strive for more? Scandinavia examines the way we live our lives today and how we present ourselves to those around us, from spouses to strangers

Tuesday 4th November, 1pm. Leicester Square Theatre, 6 Leicester Place, WC2H 1BX.

If you are interested in attending, eamil –


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