Now We Are Three

The Best of Descent

20 – 24 August 2013 | Southwark Playhouse

Now We Are Three

In celebration of our third birthday, we present a week of the very best of the past three years, alongside some brand new work.

All past pieces have been specially reworked and refreshed for these performances plus we’ve handpicked three of the finest new writers in London to pave the way for the future of Descent.

The four past shows will be performed every night, accompanied by a different new piece and as with all our shows, each night will be presented by a stand up comedian.


Blind Date
Written by Ziella Bryars | Directed by Georgia Murphy
Emma is a bit too chatty, a bit too manic, and a bit too drunk, but if you think you’ve struck unlucky, you should hear what happened to the last guy.
Cast: Stephanie Lodge
Blind Date was originally performed in April 2012

Written by Keziah Warner | Directed by David Aula
Two old school friends get locked in their local gym overnight and as boredom sets in, years of secrets and resentments begin to bubble over.
Cast: Tom Moores, Paddy Fysh
Thornaby was originally performed in November 2010

Written by Chloe Ewart | Directed by Faye Merralls
After a break up everyone thinks they can stay friends but Ben and Isobel haven’t quite got there yet, so they’re starting the old fashioned way.
Cast: Chloe Ewart, Ben Higgins
Penpals was originally performed in December 2011

Fitting Room
Written by Mat Burt | Directed by Martin Leonard
An encounter with a strange man in the M&S underwear section leaves Gareth with an offer that’s hard to resist. But is it too good to be true?
Cast: Simon Grujich, David Frias-Robles
Fitting Room was originally performed in July 2011


Touched by Tom Daley
Written by Louise Monaghan | Directed by Cecily Boys
Working on a supermarket deli can drive you to distraction, so when a bonafide celebrity drops in, it’s the perfect chance to escape reality.
Cast: James Peter-Bennett, Hannah Douglas, Audrey Schoellhammer
Touched by Tom Daley will be performed Tues 20 & Fri 23 Aug at 7.30pm

Casting Call
Written by Alex Head | Directed by Jennifer Bakst
Welcome to the audition from hell. Singing, dancing, every accent under the sun – this is painful. But it’s all worth it for the dream part, right?
Cast: Mark Hammersley, Christopher Webster, Luis Dominic, Dan Crow, Alice Haig
Casting Call will be performed Wed 21 Aug at 7.30pm & Sat 24 Aug at 3pm

Written by Sarah Kosar | Directed by Alice Malin
Susan and the Fox’s search for stardom is their ultimate dream and lifetime commitment to each other; one that will test their desire, perseverance and their friendship.
Cast: Ashleigh Packham, Laura Evelyn
Fox will be performed Thu 22 & Sat 24 Aug at 7.30pm

Set Design: Rosanna Vize
Lighting Design: Jennifer Rose
Production Manager: Jonathon Pascoe
Stage Manager: Anna Libbach
Press Assistant: Sean McParland
Graphic Design: Brian Edwards


Very funny, and with great story telling … you’ll be hard pressed to find an evening of such well written dialogue elsewhere.
Everything Theatre

Where Descent have excelled is that the selection of performances are genuinely so good and enjoyable that they don’t compete against each other – rather, they form a truly complete and lively evening.
Everything Theatre

Ewart is surely a star in the making, performing her own play Penpals and deftly conveying drunkenness, hope and heartbreak as she tries to negotiate a messy break-up.
Londonist on Penpals by Chloe Ewart