Hot Dog

Written by Sarah Kosar | Directed by Faye Merralls
12th – 17th March 2013  |  The Last Refuge

Hot Dog

She pissed on me. Actual dirty yellow piss. I’m not overreacting on this one. My mother should not pee on me!

Meet Maryanne’s mother: The Dog.

After years as her mother’s carer, Maryanne finally has a way out, leaving her sister Carol to take over. But the Dog has other ideas.

Determined to force Maryanne to stay, the Dog is out of control. How much will the sisters put up with before something must be done?

Set in small town America, Hot Dog is a black comedy about old loyalties, new beginnings and losing sight of our humanity.

Written by Sarah Kosar
Directed by Faye Merralls

Cast   ||   The Dog: Tessa Hatts   |   Maryanne: Penny Lisle   |   Carol: Rebecca Crankshaw   |   Michael: Ryan Anthony-Jones

Set Design by Emma Bailey
Lighting Design by Nadia Nielson


[Hot Dog] is the sort of thing I’d normally expect to see programmed at the Donmar, Soho or possibly even Royal Court […] a theatrical experience far superior to most you’ll find
One Stop Arts

This fledgling company’s commitment and professionalism is as laudable as their taste in new writing. The four actors are immaculately cast by director Faye Merralls, who also handles the drama with confidence, pace and wit: it’s rare to find such a strong show so far out on the fringe.
One Stop Arts

Simultaneously funny and thought provoking, this show will stay with you long into the evening […] Hot Dog is a striking piece of new writing which skilfully tackles questions of ageing, illness and humanity with consistently dark but on-the-mark humour.
Everything Theatre

a thought provoking black comedy […] Grab this play before you miss out. You won’t be disappointed.
Female Arts

Sarah Kosar is a playwright to watch out for, her already powerful pen bound to sharpen into a caustic, prodding instrument […] Hot Dog makes for a great surrealistic theatre experience.
What’s Peen Seen

In the vein of true black comedy, I ended up amused without laughing at the clever script’s punning and vivification of familiar yet mundane ironic relations between families. […] A play that leaves a lasting and interesting impression.
Bargain Theatre