February 2014

21st February
Rich Mix

Written by Greg A Smith | Directed by Katherine Timms
When things seem to be going perfectly, why is Kate constantly looking for reassurance that what she’s seeing is real. Greg A. Smith portrays the ultimate act of self denial.

Lethal Combination
Written by Tina Jay | Directed by Maddy Smith
Two old friends bump into each after many years, but whilst one wants to reminisce the other is keen to leave the past where it belongs.

Attack of the A&E Zombies
Written by Jeff Page
Stella’s worn down by targets and the hordes of zombie patients battering down the hospital doors, but who’s really running on mental auto-pilot?

Original Features
Written by Gerald Kells | Directed by Tom McCarron
Sometimes the lives of previous owners linger on in an old house, but for one young couple the remnants of a previous occupier’s pastime are features they could live without.

Written by Catherine Lucie | Directed by Steph Lodge
Something’s been keeping Gill from getting away, but despite finally being given the opportunity she still takes the belated opportunity to justify it to her demanding mother.

Compered by Tom Rosenthal

Lighting Design – Jennifer Rose


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