February 2013

7th February 2013
The Cockpit Theatre

Out the Back
Written by James Aden | Directed by Kimberley Sykes
Three beautifully understated monologues unfold a tale of horror that disturbs the quiet of Northern English suburbia.
Cast: Andrew McDonald, Kate Russell-Smith, Alistair Donegan

Written by Joe White | Directed by Josh Roche
When Lauren meets Nathan in a pub garden is it destiny, or just another Friday night? A blackly comic take on love, fate and boy meets girl.
Cast: Porter Flynn, Sope Dirisu, Brooke Burfitt, Stevie Raine

Written by Janice Hallett | Directed by Alice Malin
Three rioters return home with their ill-gotten gains – but they might have got more than they bargained for.
Cast: Jack Baggs, Josie Catherine, Daniel Hall

Written by Ian Kendall | Dominique Gerrard
In a world of rising immigration and crashing economies, this is a comic and brutally honest look at modern day prejudice and paranoia.
Cast: Daisy Brydon, Robert Rowe

Room for Improvement
Written by Andrew Turner | Directed by Faye Merralls
An estranged couple arrive at a cheap hotel, hoping to get some rest. But the noises from next door keep them awake and force them to face what’s been left unsaid.
Cast: Robert Reina, Jan Hirst

Compered by Tom Rosenthal
Lighting by Will Ingham


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