Descent ShortsFeb15

Hosted by Tom Rosenthal

Asset Stripping
Written by Dominic Leggett | Directed by Francesca Murray-Fuente
James: Sam Donnelly
Kirsty: Chi-san Howard
Alex: Miranda Cook
Being female in the man’s world of a private Equity firm is not an easy ride. But will your female colleagues stick by you or is it dog-eat-dog?

Written by Lisa Blackwell | Directed by Katherine Timms
Ben: John Askew
Penny: Jayne Edwards
19 yr-old Ben is not coping at all well with life’s challenges, will an unexpected encounter with a hotel housekeeper alter his outlook ? A bittersweet exploration of the kindness of strangers.

D & G
Written by Sarah Milton | Directed by Scott Ellis
Gary: Bobby Hirston
Debbie: Emmy Rose
As she prepares to marry her childhood sweetheart, Debbie’s suffering from chronic pre-wedding nerves. Witty observational drama about what it takes to walk down that aisle.

Bermuda Blue
Written by Ross Dunsmore | Directed by Sheryl Hill
Grace: Gilly Daniels
Billy: Robert Reina
Grief can affect people in wholly different ways. Ross Dunsmore delicately tackles what loss means to a wife and to a son.

While I Can
Written by Sally Lewis | Directed by Faye Merralls
Mother: Maxine Howard
Amy: Stephanie Lodge
Ben:Ed Yelland
Ivan: Kenneth Jay
Once the kids are all grown-up, it’s time for a bit of me-time for mum. But with a daughter who’s just reproduced and a son who’s suddenly decided he wants to get on the property ladder, does being a mother ever end?

Descent Shorts Fri 6th February | 7:30pm Rich Mix | 35-47 Bethnal Green Road | E1 6LA


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