December 2011

1st December 2011
Rich Mix

Milkman by Keziah Warner
Directed by Faye Merralls
Performed by David Kirkbride

Swings and Roundabouts by Tracy Harris
Directed by Stephanie Lodge
Performed by Gemma Rook and Matthew Leigh

Rats Nests by Michael Ross
Directed by Martin Leonard
Performed by Angie Fullman and Dan Snelgrove

Penpals by Chloe Ewart
Directed by Faye Merralls
Performed by Chloe Ewart and Leo Staar

I’m Not Gay by Daniel Guyton
Directed by David Kirkbride
Performed by Daniel Hill and Mark David Seddon

Compered by Tom Rosenthal
Lighting by Natalie Jones

See the photos here.