April 2013

5th April 2013
Rich Mix

Not Forgetting Us
Written by Kayleigh Kavanagh  |  Directed by Daisy Evans
For Glenda and Barbra everyday in the nursing home is the same. Glenda dreams of going outside, but Barbra resists; she’s scared of something, something that could change their lives for good.
Cast: Ellie Dickens, Penny Lisle, Alexander Baker

Written by Pete Goodland  |  Directed by Martin Leonard
Using real quotes from politicians, journalists and claimants, this verbatim piece explores the struggle to claim incapacity benefit and the failings of a system that allows those in need to slip through the cracks.
Cast: Glenn Mortimer, Thea Beyleveld, Andrew Mullan

Textual Relationship
Written by Tom Glover  |  Directed by Colleen Campbell
A couple meet online and romance blossoms over email. But can their typed trysts translate into real life dating? And in the age of Twitter and ipads, what’s so great about talking anyway?
Cast: Jon-Paul Rowden, Anna McSweeney

Holy Growl
Written by Sarah Gleadall  |  Directed by Faye Merralls
A vicar is duped into a dinner party with his new parishioners when he’d rather be at home watching football. Should he stay and appease their whims or leave and risk offending his god?
Cast: Simon Alexander

Perfect Now
Written by Jimmy Osborne  |  Directed by David Aula
Ami and Brett are a couple so trapped in their own stagnation, it’s going to take something big (or even explosive) to snap them out of it. But how far will they go to reignite that spark?
Cast: Patrick Warner, Caitlin Birley

Compered by Tom Rosenthal


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