Playella | Smoke and Mirrors by Tamsin Pearce

Woman in her late 20s, dressed in low cut dress, boots, smoking a cigarette, with a bloody mary in her hand, standing by her bags in a lobby of an expensive hotel.

EM: Don’t judge me, you don’t know me… ‘Good time Girl’, ‘Prostitute’, ‘Escort?’ I’ve heard it all, you mutter it under your breath, when I’m working, you think I can’t hear you…

Rolls a wedding band around on her left hand, sips on her drink

I feel sorry for them – my clients… I make them feel young again, so ‘they’ say…

I let them escape from their own miserable, boring lives… just for an evening…

Checks herself in a mirror and removes the ring, putting it in her handbag.

It’s all a performance, ‘their’ fantasy – I say what ‘they’ want to hear and do what ‘they’ want – within reason. They have wives, partners, family, most of them… Not my problem, I’m just doing a job…

Finishes her cigarette and drink and gets up to go.

See, I love my own life – this helps pay my bills, lets me send my daughter to a really good school – I just want to give her a better start in life than I had… I want to give her choice, to do what she wants… and she will.


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