Playella | When I Was A Little Girl by Samuel Kastin

A man and a woman stand in front of a burning house. Their small child is with them, they hold her little hands. From the house we can hear a telephone’s ringing becoming more and more distorted as it melts (this lasts a significant enough amount of time).

WOMAN:  John, hunny, it would appear that we are now homeless.

MAN:  Yes dear. Very much so.

They carry on watching the fire.

SMALL CHILD:  (turning her head, her eyes like Bambi) Just think, in distance a s-silly s-s-s-sold’er and his lover…

They fade out.

In the distance;

We fade in;

A soldier holds another soldier in his arms. They sway a melancholic yet defiant half waltz.

SOLDIER:  (singing) Is that all there is, is that all there is/ If that’s all there my friends, then let’s keep on dancing/ Let’s bring out the booze and have us a ball/ If that’s all there is…

They fade out too. He keeps on singing, quieting down, fading the words along with the lights.

All we now see is the glow/ afterglow of burning.

The sound of the sea can be heard as the tide draws nearer.


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