Playella | Untitled by Tom Critch

Two women stand at the sinks in a ladies toilet, applying makeup.

ANGIE: I’m not going home. That’s what she wants.

DEBBIE: Pass us that lipstick –

ANGIE: If I leave she wins and if I kick off she wins. She’s clever.

DEBBIE: Can’t be that clever – have you seen that skirt?

ANGIE: What’s Karen doing out? All she ever does is egg her on – where’d I put my cigs?

DEBBIE: Well if you had her kids you’d never stay home either.

ANGIE: He’s loving this. Did you see him on karaoke? This is like Christmas for him.

DEBBIE: There they are you daft cow, under your phone.

ANGIE: They deserve each other –

DEBBIE: Lets just go Baa Baa. Phil’s mate is out tonight, the one with the beamer.

ANGIE: I’m not leaving, I’ve as much right to be here as they have. What time’s karaoke on till?


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