Playella | Othella by Amelia Marriette

Anywhere, any place, any day of the week

JAMES: Me? Jealous? No! Never!

ROD: It’s just an idea I got.

JAMES: Nah! Nonsense. Why would I get the promotion? Eh? Answer me that?

ROD: Stress.


ROD: More stress. Hardly any extra money. Why would you want it?

JAMES: He slept with my wife you know?

ROD: He did what? Well, in that case you don’t want to work under him anyway, do you?

JAMES: He went to Public School too.

ROD: Ponce.

JAMES: Filthy rich, and popular.

ROD:  Ah! I’ve got something in my eye, lend me a hankie, will you?


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