Playella | Squirters by Stephen Rees

Jack and Cyndi are bouncing around each other on Spacehoppers in a figure of eight. Jack is wearing a blond wig and a dress, Cyndi is in a bra, knickers and stockings. Each time they pass they shoot at each other with water pistols. This they do for about a minute without saying a word.

JACK: So what do you think? Two weeks in. Is it just as you anticipated?

CYNDI: More – much, much more. Who’d have believed it?

JACK: How long do you think we can keep it up for?

CYNDI: Hey, now that we’re in, they can’t throw us out, not before 2053, at least.

JACK: It was awfully good of you to lend me your dress.

CYNDI: Not at all. I mean, it looks better on you than on me, anyway.

JACK: Did they give you a blue pill or a pink pill?

CYNDI: No pills for me. They told me I was beyond help which made me a perfect candidate for the position.

JACK: Then I’m in distinguished company indeed.

CYNDI: We are both privileged to be here. If it weren’t for the apocalypse…

Sound of a claxton

ANNOUNCER: (O/S) Calling all Monster Raving Loonies. This is your 5 minute call. Cabinet meeting in 5 minutes.

CYNDI: After you, Prime Minister.

They both bounce off stage whistling ‘Hi ho, hi ho.’



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  2. Joel Kaye

    Daft. Absolutely essential for the times.

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