Playella | A Table By The Window by Joel Kaye

Andrew and Cooper enter a restaurant and come to a table by a window.

ANDREW: This do?

Cooper sits. Andrew sits. Cooper looks out of the window.

COOPER: Phew! You see them all round here – Slavs, Africans, Asiatics, Indians, Semites, Nordics. I wonder how many of them trust each other?

ANDREW: See that couple?

Andrew gestures at a couple passing by.

He’s nordic-looking with mousey hair, walking arm in arm with a black-haired asiatic woman. There’s no tension between them. They are perfectly in step.

COOPER: Trust only extends so far. They say you need two Georgians to strike a bargain with a Greek, and two Greeks to do a deal with a Jew. In numbers I trust. Two versus one.

ANDREW: That’s just for getting the business advantage.

COOPER: Don’t despise commerce. It puts food on your table.

ANDREW: It gets as far as the market. Where you haggle and barter and bargain.

COOPER: Yes, of course!

ANDREW: Commerce doesn’t grow it. That’s done in co-operatives. Doesn’t cook it. You work in a restaurant kitchen you work as a team.

COOPER: Are you ready to order?


COOPER: Who’s paying?


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