Playella | Jam Tomorrow by SM Jenkin

Jo, Adams, Jack and 54 dogs are lounging at a run down bar, a replica of a pirates ship that has seen better days. They are all dressed casually, drinking from chipped and dirty mugs.

JO: The dog called it dispensing advice. I called it…

ADAMS: …Constructive advice.

Jack trades places with Adams, who sits.

JACK: Ships that pass in the night. Classy.

Jack and Jo toast each other with the mugs

JO: Something else. Weren’t we the future once?

ADAMS: Our children are our future.

JACK: Been and gone.

JO: And we’ll say the same thing to their kids.

JACK: Jam tomorrow.

ADAMS: Always jam tomorrow.

JO: Pfft. Come on. Lets drink to something else.

JACK: I hate jam.

JO: Jam tomorrow.

They all toast each other and drink.


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