Playella | Extra Long Matches by Gerald Kells

A dark alleyway. Bob appears with a box of Extra Long Matches. He hands them to Alex. Alex examines them.

Alex: They’re extra long.

Bob nods uncertainly

Alex: How much did they cost?

Bob: I gave him a fiver. He gave me change.

Alex: How much?

Bob hands over the change

Bob: I didn’t check.

Alex: Were there shorter ones?

Bob: I thought you’d prefer long matches. They’re bigger, more effective. I didn’t think you’d mind the price.

Alex: Would shorter ones have lit the newspaper? Would shorter ones have sufficed for the job?

Bob: I should have got the shorter ones.

Alex opens the box

Alex: So, we’ve made a pile next to a bin next to a house.

Bob nods. Alex takes out a match

Alex: Are you going to light it?


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