Playella | The Carpenter Gang by Michael Brandon

Judea c. 30 AD. Five bearded men are sitting on the floor playing dice. The Governor (30) stretches and looks around.

JESSIE: What time is it?

JOHN: Midday.

JESSIE: Nip outside and keep your eyes peeled for the authorities.

JOHN: What sort of disguise you want me in this time, governor?

JESSIE: Let me think. No one suspects a blind beggar of being a lookout, do they?

JOHN: Blind beggar it is.

John exits.

MATT: What are we handling this time, guv?

JESSIE: Wine, smuggled inside water jars.

MATT: Very sneaky.

JESSIE: Yeah, and very tax free.

They resume playing dice. Jim laughs without looking up.

JIM: He’s a legend.


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