Playella | Washing by Robin Miller

PAUL is squatting by a laundry basket in front of a washing machine in his kitchen.  His wife LISA comes in.  PAUL stands.

PAUL:  You remember that time I left a tissue in the washing machine?

LISA:  No.

PAUL:  Yes you do.  We were picking bits of lint off our clothes for days.

LISA:  Were we?

PAUL:  You told me to always check the pockets of everything before I put it in the wash.

LISA:  Did I?  Well, good advice.  I always do.

PAUL:  So do I now. 

Pause. He holds out a crumpled letter.  She looks at it without taking it.

PAUL:  I found this.

LISA:  Where?

PAUL:   In your jeans pocket.

LISA:  Oh.

PAUL:  It’s from Richard.



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