Playella | The Stairs by John Clarke

ADINA stands on the stairs above MARCUS. A case is at ADINA’S feet.

MARCUS: I think that’s the cab.

ADINA: Five, I said, not ten to.

MARCUS: You want a hand with that?

ADINA throws the case downstairs. MARCUS does not react. ADINA walks down to him.

ADINA: The land there’s a different sort of green. You could grow olives. And chillies.

MARCUS: They won’t wait if we don’t tell them to.

ADINA: It was on these stairs that I first saw you. Nearly fell down them. D’you remember?


ADINA: In there (she points to a room, off.) In there we – (she points to another room, off.)

MARCUS: You can’t miss your flight this time.

ADINA spits in MARCUS’s face.

ADINA: I was going to wait for you. To see your eyes in the sun.

MARCUS outstretches a hand.

ADINA: To see what we could grow, how we could.

ADINA walks off.



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