Playella | The Game’s Up by Richard Cabut

A home office/study. Jack is watching a football match on his computer, at his desk. The door handle turns. Rose begins opening the door. Jack quickly presses the mute button on his computer. Rose enters.

ROSE: What are you up to?

Jack shrugs, and keeps on watching the silent match. She can’t see what he is looking at.

ROSE: I never see you anymore. You’re always on your damn computer. Football, Facebook, Youtube, you name it – you, you, you; never us.

Jack continues to watch the silent match. Grunts.            

ROSE: Are you even listening to me? I can’t carry on like this anymore. It’s over.

Jack is paying no attention to Rose. He focuses on the match – it’s not going well.

JACK: Oh no!

ROSE: You are listening! I thought you might be watching a bloody football game…

Jack responds to action on the computer – there’s another footballing setback.

JACK: Noooo.

ROSE: (Pleased) Um, listen, why don’t we go out and talk about things properly?

Again, Jack responds to some silent football action.

JACK: Yes!

Rose smiles, and starts to leave. Again, Jack responds to some football action.

JACK: No! No!

ROSE: It’s okay I’m just going to get changed. I’ll be back in a sec, we can go eat…

She is three-quarters of the way out of the study door when Jack, slightly prematurely, turns the sound back on his computer. There is the sound of the final whistle, a cheering/booing crowd and a football commentary. Rose looks around. Her face makes it clear that the game is up. Furious, she leaves and slams the door hard behind her.

COMMENTATOR:It’s been an exciting match decided by a spectacular own goal…

Jack looks at the screen, and holds his head in his hands. 



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