Playella | Love Hate by Steph Lodge

Jess and Billy are sat in a coffee shop, halfway through their drinks, mid-conversation.

JESS: Love is the best and the worst thing in the world.

BILLY: What?

JESS: It’s true.

BILLY: That’s very profound for a Monday morning.

JESS: Well I’ve always thought it, the world would be a much more peaceful place without love.

BILLY: Um…yes. Perhaps. (Pause) Listen, anyway, I… um, I just wanted to ask –

JESS: It’s just when you’re in it, you feeling bloody amazing. Like you wouldn’t want to be anyone else in the world. But the minute it’s over… bam! You feel like your heart has been ripped out and you wonder why you ever, ever, put yourself through it.

BILLY: Oh… You’ve obviously been thinking about this quite a lot.

JESS: Nah it’s Tristan, he just got dumped big time at the weekend. He’s a mess. (pause) Sorry, anyway, you were going to say something.

BILLY: Um, well. Actually, it doesn’t matter. I have to run to be honest, don’t wanna be late on my first day. (gets up and gathers his things) Thanks for the coffee. See you soon yeah.

(Billy pecks Jess on the cheek with an awkward hug and rushes out of the door. Jess looks confused for a moment then notices a scrap of paper that has fallen on the floor from Billy’s belongings. Jess picks it up and reads a list of various speeches that Billy has written to reveal to Jess that he is in love with her.)

JESS: (puts her head in her hands and groans.) Oh shit….



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