Playella | All About Art by Angela Lord

Art’s apartment. Art and Claire are sitting on the sofa. An abstract painting in blood red, black and blue hangs on the wall.

CLAIRE: Fancy a movie tonight? Or that new Italian on the High Street?

ART: Nah – thought we could stay in with a DVD and a takeaway.

Art grabs some take away menus from next to the sofa.

CLAIRE: Did you get any work done while I was out shopping?

ART: I certainly did. I mowed the lawn and trimmed back the hedges.

CLAIRE: I meant painting! I want to be your muse, like Maria was.

ART: (Glancing at the painting on the wall) That study in blood, sweat and tears? She’s well past her sell-by date. Not a patch on you and your outstanding natural beauty. It’s like comparing an over-ripe Stilton with the white cliffs of Dover. Chalk  and cheese.  I don’t miss the stormy seas, I’m quite happy to coast along.

CLAIRE: When we met, you were passionate and hungry for success, but now…

ART: (looking at the menu) I’m ravenous. So – what’s it to be? Chinese or Indian?

CLAIRE: Oh, why don’t we go mad and order Thai? 



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