Playella | Rodent Romance by Penny Jackson

Disney World. Two figures dressed in a Mickey Mouse and a Minnie Mouse costume enter the stage.

MICKEY: Walt Disney was a sadist.

MINNIE: (in high voice) Could have worked for Stalin.

MICKEY: Is there any song more tortuous and nausea inducing than ‘It’s A Small World’? It’s one thing to hear it in English, but Japanese, German, Russian and French too! Those dolls re terrifying. They all look like Chuckie!

MINNIE: I got something to tell you. (beat) I’m a man.


MINNIE: My name’s Joe. Joey Suozzi.

MICKEY: But you can’t be. Not with that voice. Not with that squeak.

MINNIE takes off her Mouse Head and she is indeed JOEY SUOZZI, a swarthy Italian-American boy.

MINNIE: We’ve been a couple for a long time and now it’s time for the truth.

MICKEY takes off his Mickey Mouse head and reveals that he is a woman.

MICKEY: That’s a relief. I was getting a serious crush on you.

MINNIE: It’s more than a crush for me…

MICKEY: Maureen.

MINNIE: Hey, Maureen, it’s a small world after all.


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