Playella | Super! by Joel Trinidad

The penthouse office of MASON, a dashing millionaire industrialist playboy in the manner of Bruce Wayne. ELDRITCH, a well-dressed man with a fastidious air, is holding up some kind of high-tech suit composed of Lycra and flashing diodes.

ELDRITCH: … and it’s not just flight: this suit also endows its wearer with super-speed, super-strength, super-stamina, and the ability to shoot laser beams out of one’s eyes.

MASON: Awesome!

ELDRITCH: Yes. A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Advanced Weaponized Enhancement Systems Of Modern Engineering. It’s the company that developed that suit.

MASON: Yes. Well, this is all very interesting, Mr. Eldritch. But what does it have to do with me?

ELDRITCH: We’ve been watching you, Mr. Mason. We know you are honest and fair. You have a sense of honour and of justice. You care, truly care, about your fellow man. In short, Mr. Mason, we think you have what it takes… to stop Dr. Despicable once and for all.

ELDRITCH offers MASON the suit. The music swells as MASON takes it with some reverence.

MASON: Dr. Despicable… killed my parents. Did you know that? This suit of yours is my chance to finally bring him… to justice. (a beat) I am honoured, Mr. Eldritch. And I accept.

ELDRITCH: Excellent. Please try it on while I prepare the contract.

MASON exits into his private bathroom to try on the suit as ELDRITCH rummages inside his briefcase.

MASON: (off) I can feel it, Eldritch. The energy coursing through me!

ELDRITCH: (absently) Thank you sir. We do our best.

There is a loud crunch off, followed by the sound of bending metal. MASON reenters, now wearing the suit, holding a mangled shower rod he has obviously ripped from the bathroom wall. ELDRITCH, who is currently looking for a pen inside his briefcase, barely notices.

MASON: I feel powerful! I feel invincible! I feel… awesome!

In a burst of enthusiasm, MASON leaps out the open window just as ELDRITCH looks up from his briefcase.

ELDRITCH: Oh, by the way, the suit is already primed, but it may take a while for the flight systems to power up. In the meantime, please sign here, Mr. Mason. (a beat) Mr. Mason?

He looks around the empty room, his eyes finally falling on the open window.

ELDRITCH: Oh, shit.



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