Playella | Lone Star in Waiting by Stephen Crawley

Two nineteen year olds. ( male or female)

Ronan: I just want to know what you saw out there that we cant look at back here.

Hamp: If I told you what things were really like beyond the line it would make it difficult for you to stay silent.

Ronan: Don’t you trust me with it ?

Hamo: I come from different stock. I fear for you passing stuff on. It wouldn’t let me settle. And anyway knowing about out there isn’t the best. It only makes you wish for things you can’t have.

Ronan: I need to leave here just once at least to satisfy me about the possibilities.

Hamp: I’m warning you without a smile in me. It’s not easy if you do and even harder to deal with when you get found and brought back to it.

Ronan: But you’re still alive and thinking.

Hamp: Freedom is a drug for the stupid. Control is better believe me.

Ronan: You’re just saying that to put me off. Won’t you tell me how to do it at least?

Hamp: No you figure it out. Stop looking at me like I’m special. I’m not. Don’t let my actions make you regret yourself forever if you do it.

Ronan: Shall I tell you when it happens.

Hamp: No don’t ever do that to me. I saw enough for all of us to scream over.


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