Playella | The Last Dance by Nigel Hillary

Centre stage: a man-size plinth, on which, a corpse covered with white linen. Guido and Fabia, two “adult” children are onstage. Fabia is sitting on an old-style wooden chair. Guido is standing. The three form a triangle, facing the audience.

GUIDO: (without looking at Fabia) Did you know him?

FABIA: (staring ahead) Sort of.

GUIDO: (long pause) What do you mean (beat) sort of?

FABIA: (long silence) He was my great grandfather.

GUIDO: (long silence) Me too.

FABIA: Are you sad?

GUIDO: (pause) Not really.

FABIA: (crossing to Guido) Will you hold my hand?

GUIDO: Of course. (pause) Why?

FABIA: Makes me feel better. And (beat) let’s dance!

Fabia clicks her fingers. The sound of Manitas de Plata’s gypsy guitar sounds out. Gradually the two begin to move in a theatrical dance. After 20 seconds the music stops, they carry on dancing for a little bit, then they stop and pull apart. Guido bows to Fabia and she curtsies to him. Guido goes and sits on the chair. Fabia stands where Guido was at the beginning.

FABIA: Thank you.

GUIDO: He would have liked that.


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