Playella | Penance by William Patterson

A man at either side of the stage facing the wings. Hold. The two men turn suddenly and walk towards each other. They are about to cross as if in a busy street.

1st MAN: (Stopping) Mate! I thought it was you! How are you?

2nd MAN: (Alsostopping) Alright mate? How’s it going?

1st MAN: Haven’t seen you in ages.

2nd MAN: It’s been a long time. A long, long time.

1st MAN: Too long. Are you still with…

2nd MAN: No mate…no…

1st MAN: Oh no. What happened mate?

2nd MAN: She died mate…

Pause as the shock registers.

1st  MAN: I’d never have let that happen mate… not if she’d have stayed with me…

2nd MAN: You’ll never forgive me mate will you…

1st MAN: I‘ll never forgive myself for letting her go…

2nd MAN: We’re both to blame mate… both to blame… but we can‘t blame ourselves forever, can we?

The two men walk on. They reach the opposite wing to which they started out from. They halt, staring out into their respective wings. Hold. They turn suddenly and walk towards each other. Repeat the above ad infinitum. 


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