Playella | Gravediggers by Gene Griffith

Wearing patched overalls, Jake and Cuss, stand leaning on shovels.  A small pile of lumber lies to one side; a corpse -blood-red scarf around his neck – on the other side.

CUSS: Now we got to bury ole Clem:  build a box, dig a hole, say some words.

They start fussing with the wood.  The biggest piece is less than three feet long.

JAKE: Here’s a problem.  He’s not gonna fit in here nohow.

CUSS: We could bend him over.

They bend over and pull on corpse.  They bend him every way possible, but he flops back to a sprawl.

JAKE: Hell, that ain’t gonna work – he just won’t stay bent.

They lean over the corpse.  Jake scratches head – Cuss holds his chin.

 CUSS: Well, looks to me like once we put Clem in the hole, the box won’t matter none.

They begin to dig.  Soon they are out of breath.

JAKE: Shoot – it’s gonna take all day and I don’t want to hang around ole Clem come nightfall.

Pulls out a whisky bottle, holds it up, takes a drink. Hands the bottle to Jake who drinks.

CUSS: Alright,  let’s call it a night and take another look-see in the morning.

JAKE: (turns to the corpse) Well, Clem, I’m right sorry.  About that hole in your neck, a course, and leaving you out here, too.

Looks back to Jake, both nod. Dark.

Scene 2: same place the next day

The corpse is gone.  Jake and Cuss enter with shovel and pick.  They look back and forth – hands raised in surprise

CUSS: Dang! He ain’t here, Jake!

They look around, then circle the stage. They stop, look each other in the eye and mutter. Cuss pulls out a bottle and takes a big drink. Clem walks in – the diggers step back in shock.

CUSS: A ghost – it’s Clem’s ghost!  Clem – are you a ghost?

CLEM: I ain’t dead, just passed out –   I lost a lot of blood, boys.

CUSS: (wipes bottle on sleeve and hands it to Clem) Take a swig of this – it’ll help – just take care it don’t spill outta that hole in yer neck.



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