What’s New | 11 – 17 November

Our weekly round up of what’s going on in the world of new writing.

Mucky Kid by Sam Potter | Theatre 503 | 12 Nov – 7 Dec
Mae has been in prison since she was ten and she thinks it’s about time she did something different. Does a national hate figure deserve a second chance? More info

The Door by Cherise Cross | Park Theatre | 12 Nov – 1 Dec
What happens when sleep eludes you and not just for a night, but for a week; for a month? What does a man do when he’s no longer sure what’s real and what’s in his head? Friends of Descent, 8fold Theatre present this psychological drama at London’s shiniest new venue. More info

This Is How We Die by Christopher Brett Bailey & Now Listen To Me Very Carefully by Andy Roberts | Ovalhouse | 13 – 16 Nov
The Latest in Ovalhouse’s You Might Also Like double-bill series features a midnight-movie tale of paranoia and cartoon romance, full of gonzo humour and apocalyptic imagery, with a stand-up, story-telling re-enactment of Terminator 2. More info

Brand New Ancients by Kate Tempest | Royal Court | 14 – 16 Nov
Poet and spoken word artist Kate Tempest tells an everyday epic over an exhilarating live score, that finds the gods of today all around us and reveals that our true heroes are much closer than we think. Returns only! More info

Think we’ve missed anything? Want your show to be included in a future What’s New? Email us


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