Playella | The Canary by Michelle Sewell

Marie (late 20s) stands with luggage bags in her hands. Henrik (early 30s) sits on the couch, reading a book.

MARIE: Have you seen my bird?

HENRIK: What bird?

MARIE: Chippy, my bird Chippy! You know I love that bird.

HENRIK: I can’t keep track of everything you love.

MARIE: You wouldn’t need to if you paid more attention to… (beat) The poor thing! It’s so dark and so cold outside.

Henrik kisses her on the forehead.

HENRIK: Let’s search for your bird. What does it look like?

MARIE: She’s yellow and small.

HENRIK: A canary?

MARIE: To remind me of home. Norwich.

HENRIK: I wish I could make you happy here.

MARIE: I need my bird.

Henrik picks up the books and beneath them is the little yellow canary bird, squashed. Lights down.


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