Playella | Frog and Fly by Natasha Sutton-Williams

FLY sits on bench.

FROG arrives.

FROG sits on bench.

FROG: Yo, what up?

FLY: Nothin’ doin’.

FROG: You waitin’ for it?

FLY: What’s it look like?

FROG: Had anuva I had to drive-by. Sorry bruv.

FLY: S’alright.


FROG: Nice view.

FLY: Too right.


FROG: Got any kids?

FLY: Seven thousand, two hundred and eight of them.


FLY: You gonna get to it or what?

FROG: Sorry bruv. Just enjoyin’ yo company. Let’s get physical.

FROG eats FLY, head first. 


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