Playella | Azure Card by Pete Goodland

Offstage the clamour of a busy airport terminal. At a table sits Susana rotating a globe. To her left lies Sofyan, face propped in hands, studying a map. To the right stands Mia reading an atlas. The women are both young and the man is in his fifties. They are dressed in second hand grey trackies and colourful t shirts.

SUSANA: The Azure Card.

SOFYAN: Is a colour.

MIA: And a preventative.

SOFYAN: Condoms can’t be bought on it.

MIA: Re: Production.

SUSANA: Living as an expiry date.

MIA: A barcode that’s not always black or white.

SOFYAN: A transmitted disease of people.

SUSANA: Arriving.

SOFYAN: Departing. Departed.

MIA: Aspirational. Hardworking.

SUSANA: Hopeful. Not tourists.


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