Playella | This Bus Terminates Here by Rachel Goth

It’s foggy. A man in a cloak is standing alone. A pale young man approaches him.

YOUNGER MAN: Hi there.

OLDER MAN: Greetings young sir.

The younger man looks at the older man’s cloak.

YOUNGER MAN: Have you been waiting long?

OLDER MAN: It seems like an age.

YOUNGER MAN: Going to a party?

The man frowns and shows the younger man a pig on a lead.

OLDER MAN: I was on my way to market when…

YOUNGER MAN: It stopped, yeah? The driver said he wasn’t going any further. ‘This bus terminates here’. They’re always doing that. If this fog cleared we could at least see where we are.

OLDER MAN: It’s been like this since the coachman departed.

YOUNGER MAN: They let you on a coach with a pig. Where were you going?

OLDER MAN: Amersham.

YOUNGER MAN: You should have got the tube it’s faster.

The older man mouths the word tube and shakes his head.

OLDER MAN: I was in no hurry when the coach and horses came for me.

The younger man looks scared.


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