Playella | Untitled by Tom Critch

JAMES and LILLY are stood by a stage in a pub.

JAMES: What did you think?

LILLY: You never used to sing like that.

JAMES: Christ I need a drink. Look at me I’m shaking.

LILLY: Andy’s getting them in.

JAMES: He seems nice.

LILLY: (pause) Are you here long?

JAMES: Playing Southport tomorrow, then Manchester on Friday –

LILLY: You’re good. You’re really really good.

JAMES: I fluffed some notes. And the last number I did still needs tweaking –

LILLY: When I saw your name on the poster I thought ‘that won’t be him’, I said to Andy –

JAMES: You’ve still got the earrings. They look good.

LILLY: I didn’t think you’d remember.


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