Playella | Result by Ian Skelton

A teenage boy and girl in school uniform sit opposite each other. There’s something on the low table between them, but we don’t see it yet.

He smiles. She smiles. He moves towards her. She is distant, preoccupied. He touches her arm gently.

HIM: Scared?

HER: Litotes. Litotes… maximus…

HIM: (booming) Glad to make your acquaintance. (offers hand) I am Bicurious…

She laughs but it quickly ebbs away. He leans over too close to her. She moves away. They both look towards the table.

HER: Know what’s curious? That our future can depend on one result…

He looks away, starts talking quickly.

HIM: Anything can happen in an exam but it would be a major surprise if one of us messed up…

HER: We’ll know in the next few minutes…

He drops his head, tired. She looks at him. Speaks more kindly. 

HER: There is other accommodation. For couples… I looked in the prospectus…

HIM: Me too. It’s miles out.  A different fucking postcode…  Heeeeeeyyyyyy!!!!

She has grabbed the pregnancy test that has been sitting on the low table between them throughout. She looks at it. Looks at him. Pause. He urges her to answer with his eyes.

HER: Two lines.

HIM: That means… means it’s…

HER: That means it’s your line…



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