Playella | I’d Rather You Didn’t by Emma Franieczek

A woman sits outside a bar at a table with two chairs. She has a large glass of wine and is reading a novel. A man walks past, stops, looks back at her and then walks back to stand beside her table.

MAN: Excuse me can I sit here?

She looks up at him and then looks around

WOMAN: Well I’d rather you didn’t

MAN: Can I ask why not?

WOMAN: Well there are plenty of seats. If it was full and you needed a seat then sure. But it’s not really necessary is it.

MAN: I just wanted some company.

WOMAN: I’m reading my book so I won’t be much company.

She looks back down at her book.

MAN: I’ve not had a very good day.

WOMAN: Mine’s getting worse by the minute.

MAN: What are you reading?

She holds it up to show him.

MAN: Any good?

She puts the book down.

WOMAN: Ok you can sit here, take a seat.

He does so. She picks up her book, wine and bag and moves to the furthest table. She sits down and reads.

MAN: Well that was rude.


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