What’s New | 21 – 27 October

Our weekly round up of what’s going on in the world of new writing.

Cobra by Charis Agbonlahor | Lion & Unicorn | 21 – 26 Oct
Based on a true story, Cobra gives an intimate insight into the unbelievable journey of Shareen, a struggling black actress who won’t let anyone stand in the way of her dreams. More info

Heart by Zendeh and Be Here Now by TOOT | Ovalhouse | 23 – 26 Oct
In this double bill you’ll encounter Zendeh’s explosive mix of political thriller with passionate love story, set in Tehran, August 1953, and TOOT’s exploration of how we listen to music, build a record collection and create a soundtrack to our lives. More info

ONE NIGHT ONLY: The Match by Driss Ksikes | Gate Theatre | 25 Oct
A contemporary rewriting of the Oedipus complex about solitude, revolution and football. This is the first full reading of the play, followed by a post-show discussion with the artistic team. More info

Think we’ve missed anything? Want your show to be included in a future What’s New? Email us


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