Playella | Before I Leave by Healah Riazi

Sitting outside a block of flats on a small square patch of grass. Edna, 85 in wheelchair, wearing a large summer hat, light blue summer dress with rose print. Felicity, 70 on small deck chair next to her. She is angular in appearance wearing a cream knee-length summer dress, shoulder-length thin, silver hair. They are next to a tree with the sun shining onto them. Looking out onto a busy road.

EDNA: It’s just like being in Blackpool. Swap this road for the beach and we’re not far off. Pass us a Frazzle.

FELICITY: Mmm I haven’t been to a beach in years.

Applies thick layer of sunblock to her arms and cheeks.

EDNA: Lovely this is.

Sound of massive double-decker bus roars past, both utterly unphased, smiling into the light.

I could stay here for hours. It’ll be that godforsaken snack time in a minute. I swear to you Flis, if I have to eat another one of them cardboard cracker things I’m gonna pop. I can’t be dealing with those at my age.

FELICITY: I’m more concerned about Edward pissing himself next to me again.

EDNA: Uh! The state of it.

FELICITY: That’ll be us soon.

EDNA: Speak for yourself.


FELICITY: We could just leg it you know. No one’s looking.

EDNA: And how exactly do you propose we ‘leg’ ‘it’?

FELICITY: I’ve still got strong pins on me: you sit, I drive. We’ll jump on the 71, head to Croydon, wheel you onto a train and be at the beach in no time. We’re looking at 2-3 hours.

EDNA: We couldn’t possibly do that. (Beat) I don’t even have my bikini.

FELICITY: Or of course we could always go back in and watch each others faces slowly turn the same colour as this pavement…

Edna pauses to think about this. Turns to look at Felicity. Winks at her. Lights out. 


Playellas are Descent’s series of tiny plays for your new writing quick fix.
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