Playella | Sometimes I Guess It Right by Keith Large

LAURA and MICKEY are sat dining at a restaurant table.

LAURA: How did you know it was going to be good tonight?

MICKEY: Hey, when do I ever get it wrong?

LAURA: Your ex!

MICKEY: No, since I’ve been going out with you.

LAURA: The bistro in Leicester Square, when you told me that’s where you used to go with her.

MICKEY: You still said the food was good.

LAURA: Until it came to paying.

MICKEY: I was only joking when I said she used to pay.

LAURA: That’s why she dumped you.

MICKEY: No, it was a mutual decision.

LAURA: Well don’t expect me to consult you when I’m ready to blow you out.

MICKEY: I guess I better pay the bill.


Playellas are Descent’s series of tiny plays for your new writing quick fix.
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One comment

  1. A slice of life in a tiny play! Made me smile this morning.

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