Playella | The End by Alex Head

A Man and a Woman are sitting in a café talking. Suddenly, a Hysterical Man runs in.

Hysterical Man: Everything that was foretold is true! The apocalypse is here!

He runs out again. The Man and Woman are barely affected.

Woman: Do you reckon that’s true?

Man: Nah.


Man: But… in case it is. (Pause) I know we said we’d always only be friends.

Woman: It wasn’t a strict rule, or anything.

Man: I know. But. At the time. I couldn’t say what. What I wanted to say. I have. All these things I need to express to you. Feelings. I just need to say them now. In case. In case that man is right. It would be a tragedy if these things went unsaid.

Woman: What do you want to say?

Man: I wish I could just say it. I wish it would just roll off my tongue.

Woman: Tell me. Please tell me. I might you know. Feel. Similarly.

Man: I.I. (Pause) Never mind.

Woman: Right. Course.

He is crushed. She is disappointed.

Suddenly, a bright orange light bathes them and a sound of thousands of wasps fills the air. It is the apocalypse.

Man: Oh. (He looks at Woman) Shite.


Alex’s play Casting Call will be performed as part of Now We Are Three from 20-24 August at Southwark PlayhouseMore info

Playellas are Descent’s series of tiny plays for your new writing quick fix.
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