Edinburgh Fringe: Producer Picks

Team Descent are very sad not to be up in Edinburgh this year, but we are of course very busy preparing for our 3rd birthday performance at the Southwark Playhouse in just over 2 weeks. I do, however, know exactly what I would be seeing if I were going, so I thought I’d do a mini blog of Edinburgh tips of what I think you should see.

On the Line: Media
So let’s begin with a bit of comic satire, the tagline sums it up brilliantly: “Investigative journalism has decided to take the brave leap of investigating the media by the means of investigative journalism. I’m a journalist. I’m white, middle class and was raised in the Home Counties. No surprises there.” A hilarious take on the media and the often misguided perceptions that emerge from readers of sensationalised articles.  A News Thought ,  the company behind this show, are Helen Bauer and Louise Bastock, who both have the power to amuse me in real life as well as on stage, now that’s an incentive to go I am sure, and it’s free!
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Bitches’ Box
Next comes a piece involving a good friend of Descent and our very first compere, Miss Emma Newborn. A few years ago Emma went back to her home in New Zealand for a trip that was meant to be around 6 months. Due to the success of this show, she still hasn’t returned, so it must be good right? Bitches’ Box (not to be confused with Bitch Boxer performed at the Soho earlier this year) has toured the entirety of New Zealand for nearly 2 years and is a comic show exploring rural New Zealand through the eyes of 6 different dogs. Don’t miss out.
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The Love Project
Although I haven’t seen this it comes highly recommended and I know a couple of the people involved. A devised verbatim piece, performing at Rich Mix earlier this year, The Love Project secured an Underbelly award to help take the production to Edinburgh.
Find out more #theloveproject @EveryDay_Prod @LookLeftLookRt

Eugenie Grandet
An adaptation of a French novel by Balzac, Eugenie Grandet is on at Assembly One, George Square. It sounds brilliant and it has one of our regular Descent actors Phil Nightingale, so I am certain it will be great.
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EastEnd Cabaret: Dirty Talk:
EastEnd Cabaret are Bernadette Byrne and Victor Victoria, a musical comedy double act. Hilariously funny, and a little bit naughty, definitely a cabaret act to be seen. If you are lucky you might get treated to some old classics; I’m not sure if they will be taking requests, but I would strongly advise requesting ‘Danger Wank’. Feel free to tell them Steph Lodge said – they know who I am.
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The show that would have been: White Lies
Now I have no opinion on what would have been my next recommendation, other than that I would have been going to see it, simply because it has Corey Feldman in it. The other Descent ladies don’t know who Corey Feldman is; this is where the age difference between us really starts to show (I will be forcing them to watch the Lost Boys, the next time we have a girly night in) But as I searched for the link to the show, I was informed that it has in fact been cancelled. This does make me feel slightly better, it being one of the main reasons of my upset at not making it to the Fringe this year. I’m sorry if this announcement puts you in the same state of disappointment I felt, when I realised I wouldn’t see Corey Feldman on stage in Edinburgh, however, this might help make up for it (or it might make you realise what a lucky escape we all had, I’ll let you decide!)

I hope you all have a fabulous time if you are going up over the next 3 weeks; if, like us, you can’t make it there this year, do come along to our event, Now We Are Three: The Best of Descent at the Southwark Playhouse from Tues 20th Aug – Sat 24th Aug 7:30pm (Sat mat 3pm) We are doing our best to keep the fringe alive in London, whilst everyone else is in bonny Scotland, and it is going to be lots of fun!



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