Q&A | Alex Head | Playwright

To give you a sneak preview of Now We Are Three we’ve been talking to the writers about their plays and working as a playwright.

Alex Head’s Casting Call is an hilarious satire on the sometimes excruciating audition process and how far an actor will go to secure a role. Andrew is suffering the audition from hell – singing, dancing, accents, violent outbursts, but, it’s all worth it for the dream part, right?

What prompted you to write Casting Call?
Being an actor, I always thought it was funny what levels of embarrassment you would be willing to go through in order to get a job. I just took that idea and ran with it.

What do you think the audience will like about it?
I hope they’ll like the fact that it escalates and that it ties up nicely. Beyond that I’m just hoping they like anything at all!

How do you hope the piece will develop throughout the rehearsal process and its performance in Descent?
I hope that any weaknesses are ironed out and that I see things in the script that I hadn’t seen when writing it. Which sounds pretentious, but hey ho.

How did you get into writing?
I’d always wanted to be writer for years, but acting is my first love and since I found writing more difficult it kind of went on the back burner. Over the past year or so, I was getting a bit bored of being involved in unpaid work that I didn’t always believe in, so I thought, at least if I’ve written it, I can’t complain about not getting paid. And cos it’s fun. Should probably state that.

Which writers inspire you?
Neil LaBute, Philip Ridley, Moira Buffini, Charlie Kaufman, Christopher Durang, Jonathan Harvey, Tracy Letts, Conor McPherson, Harold Pinter, Ira Levin, Anthony Shaffer. The list is quite large.

What’s your favourite play and why?
The Shape Of Things by Neil LaBute. I’ve never related to a protagonist like I do in that play. Plus it’s funny, cruel and has a brilliant twist.

Casting Call will be performed as part of Now We Are Three from 20-24 August at Southwark PlayhouseMore info

About Alex
Alex trained as an actor at The Bridge Theatre Training Company. Since graduating in 2009, he has worked on TV, Theatre and Film. In 2012, he directed, wrote and starred in the short play ‘The Santa Clauses’ at the Old Red Lion.


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