Q&A | Chloe Ewart | Playwright

To get you ready for Now We Are Three we’ve been talking to the writers about their plays and working as a playwright.

Chloe Ewart’s Penpals is a tender insight into the end of a relationship and the beginning of life beyond each other. Ben and Isobel can’t quite let go and decide to write each other letters; the resulting correspondence is a funny, sweet and intimate portrait of why they worked and what went wrong.

What prompted you to write Penpals?
It was partly cathartic, having gone through yet another break-up, but I also started to see a pattern emerge. This bizarre tradition that couples often go through when breaking up. Human nature fascinates me, particularly where emotions are concerned. So it’s an exploration of that really.

What are you looking forward to seeing again?
As I play one of the characters in the piece, I guess I’m looking forward to seeing through her eyes again. I wonder if she will see things a little differently this time round.

How do you think the play will be different? 
The more you perform a play, the better it gets. You find new things and the characters and relationships develop further. So I’m hoping more layers will appear.

How did you get into writing?
I’ve always written. As a teenager I wrote angst-ridden poetry. I then went on to children’s stories and poetry. Since graduating as an actress it seemed like a natural progression to then try my hand at plays and film scripts.Writing is an impulse and I find I communicate best through writing.

Which writers inspire you?
This may seem like a cop-out, but all writers that get up every day and actually write. Self-discipline and motivation are two of the things I really struggle with, so those that have the drive and fight to do it inspire me greatly.

What’s your favourite play and why? 
I’ve thought a lot about this one and a few have sprung to mind – The Holy Rosenberg’s by Ryan Craig, Love Love Love by Mike Bartlett, King Lear – but I mainly just love any play that successfully reflects and explores human nature.

Penpals will be performed as part of Now We Are Three from 20-24 August at Southwark Playhouse. More info

About Chloe
From an early age Chloe has been writing children’s stories and poetry. After graduating from Drama Studio London as an actor, she wanted to find more of a connection between her two passions, and so began trying her hand at short plays and monologues. She has enjoyed good success so far, both as an actor and writer, and has had several opportunities to perform her own work. As well as Penpals plays include Shoes (Lit Theatre/Rich Mix), 24 Hours (Old Vic Tunnels). Chloe is currently working on her first full-length play and feature film.


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