Now We Are Three – The Plays Part One: The Past

In August we’re at Southwark Playhouse for a week to celebrate our third birthday, bringing you all that has been great about Descent in the past and all that will keep it great in the future.

We wanted to give you a bit more info about what you can expect from the plays and thought it made sense to start at the beginning…

The Past

Thornaby, first performed in November 2010, is a testosterone-fuelled fight to the death, set in your local swimming pool. When old school friends Jack and Scott get locked in over night, it’s only a matter of time before all their school secrets and buried resentments come spilling out. Thornaby is written by Descent Literary Manager Keziah Warner, with direction by David Aula.

When a strange man approaches Gareth outside the fitting room of the M&S lingerie department, the appropriate response should be to run away. But in Mat Burt’s Fitting Room, this man has an offer that’s difficult to refuse: is it all just too good to be true? Originally performed in July 2011, Fitting Room will be directed by Martin Leonard.

Chloe Ewart’s Penpals is a tender insight into the end of a relationship and the beginning of life beyond each other. Ben and Isobel can’t quite let go and decide to write each other letters; the resulting correspondence is a funny, sweet and intimate portrait of why they worked and what went wrong. As with the first performance in November 2011, Chloe will perform under Faye Merralls’ direction.

First performed in April 2012, Blind Date is a darkly hilarious monologue about the romantic set up from hell, possibly literally. Emma is incredibly talkative and as her stories spill out and she reveals more and more about herself, you begin to realise that this isn’t so much conversation and cautionary tale. Ziella Bryars’ brilliant wicked script will be performed by Descent Producer Stephanie Lodge, with direction by Georgia Murphy.

All past plays will be performed 20-24 August at Southwark Playhouse as part of Now We Are Three. More info


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