Now We Are Three: Line Up Announced


Blind Date
Written by Ziella Bryars | Directed by Georgia Murphy
Emma is a bit too chatty, a bit too manic, and a bit too drunk, but if you think you’ve struck unlucky, you should hear what happened to the last guy.
Cast: Steph Lodge
Blind Date was originally performed in April 2012

Written by Keziah Warner | Directed by David Aula
Two old school friends get locked in their local gym overnight and as boredom sets in, years of secrets and resentments begin to bubble over.
Thornaby was originally performed in November 2010

Written by Chloe Ewart | Directed by Faye Merralls
After a break up everyone thinks they can stay friends but Ben and Isobel haven’t quite got there yet, so they’re starting the old fashioned way.
Cast: Chloe Ewart, Ben Higgins
Penpals was originally performed in December 2011

Fitting Room
Written by Mat Burt | Directed by Martin Leonard
An encounter with a strange man in the M&S underwear section could get Gareth his perfect girlfriend, but first he has to decide: what’s wrong with the one he’s got?
Fitting Room was originally performed in July 2011

Touched by Tom Daley
Written by Louise Monaghan
Working on a supermarket deli can drive you to distraction, so when a bonafide celebrity drops in, it’s the perfect chance to escape reality.
Touched by Tom Daley will be performed Tues 20 & Fri 23 Aug at 7pm

Casting Call
Written by Alex Head
Welcome to the audition from hell. Singing, dancing, every accent under the sun – this is painful. But it’s all worth it for the dream part, right?
Casting Call will be performed Wed 21 Aug at 7pm & Sat 24 Aug at 3pm

Written by Sarah Kosar
Specially commissioned for Now We Are Three, Fox is a new play by Hot Dog playwright Sarah Kosar.
Fox will be performed Thu 22 & Sat 24 Aug at 7pm

Lots more info, interviews, playellas & rehearsal diaries coming soon!



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