Q&A | Jeff Nolan | Playwright

To get you ready for Scripts & Giggles we’ve been talking to the writers about their plays and working as a playwright.

Jeff’s play Breaking News is a hilarious satire on our modern media obsession depicting two news anchors bringing you up to date info on the imminent end of the world.

What prompted you to write Breaking News?
It started with an image in my head, one newsreader telling viewers the world was about to end, the other newsreader trying to interrupt because her news was just as important (and potentially just as catastrophic, from one point of view).

What do you think we’ll like about it?
Hopefully the audience will find it entertaining, thoughtful and not try to leave their seats because I’ll be watching them.

How do you hope the piece will develop throughout the rehearsal process and its performance in Descent?
It’s still a work in progress, so it’ll be interesting to see what happens when the characters come to life. I always encourage the actors and the director to come up with new ideas. Then I can blame them if something goes wrong.

How did you get into writing?
Began at a very early age, although initially I wanted to be a critic. I always thought “The Cat In The Hat” was vastly over-rated.

Which writers inspire you?
Arthur Miller, Harold Pinter, Woody Allen, Eugene Ionseco, Vaclav Havel.

What’s your favourite play?
All My Sons by Arthur Miller. Examines the question of moral responsibility and the consequences of actions within the context of a family but also relating to the outside world.

Breaking News will be performed as part of Scripts & Giggles on 14th July at the Cockpit. £6 early bird tickets still available! More info

About Jeff
Jeff Nolan has been writing plays and short stories for several years and moved to London from Australia in 2002. Plays include:  The Thief  (Noosa Theatre, Brisbane 1997),  Next Big Thing (Darlinghurst Theatre, Sydney 1999), Lights Out (Off-Cut Festival, Old Red Lion Theatre, London 2009),  The Twins  (XY Festival, Battersea 503, London 2012),  The Stranger (Off-Cut Festival, Riverside Studios, London 2012).  He has also had several comedy sketches performed or broadcast, and a short story Carp d’etat published on Amazon Kindle.


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