Playella | Perfumed Kisses by Rabiah Hussain

Helen and Steve sit on a sofa. Helen is desperately sniffing out Steve’s jumper for clues.

STEVE: It’s your perfume.

HELEN: It smells different.

STEVE: We were eating, drinking, smoking…

HELEN: What, inside the…

STEVE: Outside. We were smoking outside the pub.

HELEN: Smell it. Fucking smell it.

STEVE: I put it in your wardrobe. It smells of you.

HELEN: Did I kiss you?

STEVE: What?

HELEN: Did I kiss you? Before you left?

STEVE: You never kiss me anymore.

HELEN: Then tell me who fucking kissed you?


Playellas are Descent’s series of tiny plays for your new writing quick fix.
Would you like your mini masterpiece to be featured on our blog? Find out how.


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